1. How will be publicity of MA Yojana will be done and who will do it?
Implementation Support Agency in consultation with State Nodal Cell will prepare and implement a communication strategy for launching/ implementing the MA Yojana. The objective of these interventions will be to inform the beneficiaries regarding enrollment and benefits of the scheme.

In addition to this State Government will also undertake communication activities, especially to improve the utilization of the scheme.

2. What is Taluka Kiosk and what are its functions?
Taluka Kiosk shall be set-up by the Manpower Provisioning Agency in all project Talukas. The main points regarding taluka kiosk are as follows:

Location: Taluka Kiosk shall be located at the taluka headquarter. The Government of Gujarat will provide a place at the taluka headquarter to the manpower provisioning agency to set up taluka kiosk. It can be at a prominent place which can be accessed easily by beneficiaries.

Specifications: Taluka Kiosk shall have at least following hardware, according the specifications of Government of Gujarat, so that it can carry out its tasks in an efficient way:

  • Computer/Laptop
  • MA Card Printer
  • Fingerprint Scanner
  • Web Camera

Role: Taluka Kiosk will be the focal point of activity at the taluka level, especially post issuance of the MA card. The role of taluka kiosk will be including but limiting to as follows:
  • To issue new MA cards for beneficiaries who were left in the initial round of enrollments. The beneficiary will need to come with all the family members whom he/ she want to be enrolled.
  • To modify the existing details of the issued MA cards in the Central Database Server with respect to changing the details of the dependents in the Central Database Server. However, all the changes in the Central Database Server shall be from within the BPL list only and the total number of members associated to MA card cannot be more than the members in the BPL list. In case of death of a member of the household a new name can be added from the existing BPL list.
  • To issue Add-On Card on the existing MA cards as per the need of the beneficiary household. However, the total amount of both the cards combined shall be Rs. 2,000,00/- in case the card has not been used till now or it will be the balance amount available at the time of issuing the Add-On card.
  • To issue new MA cards in place of missing/ damaged MA cards. The new MA card will have the exact details as were there on the original MA card. The original MA card which is lost/ damaged will be hotlisted by the person issuing the new card at the taluka kiosk to prevent misuse of the lost/ damaged card.